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By D. MacIver, M.C. MacKenzie

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C'est trop peu dire que nous vivons dans un monde de symboles et qu'un monde de symboles vit en nous. De l. a. psychanalyse à l'anthropologie, de los angeles critique d'art à l. a. publicité et à l. a. propagande politique, sciences, arts et innovations essayent de décrypter ces différents codes, tant pour élargir le champ de nos connaissances, tant pour apprivoiser l'énergie sous-jacente à nos actes et à nos comportements.

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2) Initially constructed base of queen cell; also made artificially for queen rearing. Cell Grazing Management–A system of pasture rotation whereby pastures are divided into equal-sized segments with respect to carrying capacity and are arranged in a pie-shaped design around a central core area for supplemental feeding, watering, and handling pens. Under this system, livestock are rotated among the pastures using high stocking densities and little time on pasture for any one grazing period. Celtic Ox–Bos taurus longifrons, a fairly small, Neolithic ox with a high forehead; probably the progenitor of the Brown Swiss and Jersey breeds of cattle.

Caul–(1) The fat around the stomach of cattle, sheep, and swine. (2) In embryology, a part of the thin membrane or web surrounding the fetus. Causal Organism (Causative Agent)–The organism (pathogen) that produces a specific disease. Cauterize–To burn the flesh or skin of an animal with a drug or heated metal to induce healing. Cavesson–Head stall with a noseband (often quite large) used for exercising and training horses. , the buccal cavity. (2) Any hole in the trunk or branches of a tree. Cavy–(1) An American Indian pony.

F. (Specific Pathogen-Free) laboratories to remove unborn pigs from the sow. Pigs are removed through the wall of the uterus, leaving the sow capable of further reproduction. Chaffy Wool–Wool containing a considerable amount of chaff. Chalaza–(1) Either of two cordlike, opalescent, albuminous strands in the white of a fowl’s egg, which are attached to the yolk and prolonged toward the ends of the egg. The chalazas aid in keeping the yolk in proper position. (2) The place in an ovule or seed at which the integuments diverge from the nucellus.

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