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By Wang Defu, Qiang Zhenxin, Zhou Zongxin

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Winterbourne overtook Daisy and her companion, and, offering the young girl his hand, told her that Mrs. Walker had made an imperious claim upon his society. He expected that in answer she Korean accordance: 일치, 조화, 일치하여, 중대한, 정식, 성실한, 성실, 엄숙한조화하여. 성실, 엄숙한, 계약금. agreeably: 기꺼이, 쾌히, 일치하여, favor: 호의를 보이다, 호의, 찬성 유쾌하게, 에 따라서, 에 따라. 찬성하다, 부탁, 각별히 보아주다, bowing: 운궁법, 절을 하는, 활 놀리는 애호, 편애하다, 편애, 친절한 행위, 법, 휘는, 보잉. 즐겨 착용하다, 즐겨 입다. colored: 유색의, 색의, 흑인의, 문장을 imperious: 긴급한, 전제적인, 거만한, 꾸민, 착색한, 채색되어 있는, 채색한, 필수의, 피할수 없는, 중대한, 오만한, 겉치레의, 편견이 있는, 윤색한, 건강진.

She seemed to him, in all this, an extraordinary mixture of innocence and crudity. ” asked Daisy ironically. “Doesn’t she give you a vacation in summer? There’s no one so hard worked but they can get leave to go off Korean agitated: 흥분한, 동요한. amazement: 놀람, 소스라침. amusement: 즐거움, 위안, 오락, 재미로 하는 것, 재미. antique: 고풍의, 고물, 고기, 낡은, 안티크체의 활자, 골동품의, 고대의, 고대로부터의-고물, 고대로부터의, 고대 미술, 구식의. charmer: 마법사, 매력 있는 사람, 매혹하는 사람, 뱀을 부리는 사람, 요염한 여자. crudity: 미숙한 것, 조잡, 미숙, 미완성품, 생경, 생것, 거침, 날것, 생짜임, 거칠다, 거칡. fireplace: 벽난로.

His companion, after this, ceased to pay any attention to the curiosities of Chillon or the beauties of the lake; she opened fire upon the mysterious charmer in Geneva whom she appeared to have instantly taken it for granted that he was hurrying back to see. How did Miss Daisy Miller know that there was a charmer in Geneva? Winterbourne, who denied the existence of such a person, was quite unable to discover, and he was divided between amazement at the rapidity of her induction and amusement at the frankness of her persiflage.

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