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A Dictionary of latest American utilization КНИГИ ; ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ Автор:Bergen Evans, Cornelia Evans Название: A Dictionary of latest American utilization Издательство: Random HouseГод: 1957 Формат: pdf Размер: 7 Mb Язык: английскийWhen we communicate or write we wish to be understood and revered. we wish to exhibit our that means and we wish to do it in a manner that would command admiration. to complete those ends we needs to comprehend the meanings of phrases, their particular meanings and their connotations, implications and overtones, and we needs to know the way to mix phrases successfully into sentences.A dictionary can assist us to appreciate the which means of a observe. however the merely strategy to comprehend a notice absolutely is to work out it in use in as many contexts as attainable. which means a person who desires to increase his vocabulary needs to learn very much and needs to ensure that he knows what he reads... rapidshare zero 1 2 three four five

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All is sometimes used as a noun, as in one who gave all. It may be used after an objective pronoun, as in us all, which is grammatically comparable to us men; and either before or after a subjective pronoun. Formerly it frequently came before a subjective pronoun, as in all we like sheep have gone astray. This order is still acceptable, but in current English 2 the all is more often placed second, as in we all have strayed. When used with the pronoun it, cdl must be placed second, as in it all came to nothing.

The ampersand is the character &. It should be used only in the writina of business addresses which- include it (if a firm calls itself Smith & Jones, it should be so addressed; if it calls itself Smith and Jones, the ampersand should not be used), in formulas, and so on. The ampersand should not be used for and in ordinary writing. ample; enough. That is enough which is adequate or sufficient to the need (There is enough treason mere to hang a dozen men). That ample 32 which is ample is more than enough, enough and to spare (But Knowledge to their eyes her ample page/Rich with the spoils of time did ne’er unroll).

You all’s is heard in the South and is respectable English in some areas, But it is condemned by many Southerners who are nevertheless proud to say you all. We all’s, as in we all’s house, is not standard anywhere. All never qualifies a possessive pronoun. In it was all our fault, the all attaches itself to it; in all our faults, it attaches to faults. If what is meant is it was the fault of us all, the idea cannot be expressed by a genitive or a possessive pronoun. All may be used as an adverb (qualifying words that are not nouns) whenever the word entirely could be substituted, as in His Royal Highness was all smiles and his consort all diamonds: the heart, ull exhausted by doubt; and the familiar phrases all powerful, all too soon.

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