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By James A. Jobling

Containing over 8,500 entries, A Dictionary of clinical poultry Names is the 1st publication to provide an explanation for the derivation and which means of all legitimate medical chicken names. This precious reference defines every one identify half individually to prevent the confusion of destiny revisions--a identify like Passer domesticus will purely be chanced on because the separate entries Passer (sparrow) and domesticus (domestic). different entries supply attention-grabbing info and precious info. We examine, for instance, that lewis is derived from explorer Meriwether Lewis, and decussatus exhibits fowl is marked with X-shaped crosses. And an informative advent discusses the ways that birds were named for his or her visual appeal, for someone or position, or a few element in their habitat, meals, or voice.
With an entire bibliography and vast cross-references, A Dictionary of poultry Names will discover a everlasting position on any bird-lover's shelf.

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The savage mien and 'bloodstained' underparts of the Gonolek (Laniarius). 2 after Santa Barbara, Vera Paz, Guatemala (Otus). barbata /barbatus L. barbatus, bearded (barba, the beard); ref. to feather formation or a distinctive throat patch. e. of the Barbary Coast [v. barbara]). barbirostris L. barba, the beard; -rostris, billed; the Sad Flycatcher Myiarchus has prominent bristles springing from the base of the bill. baritula Dim. from Gr. barites, a small bird mentioned by Dionysius, not further identified.

Used also in a specific sense for species with rapacious habits (Fregata) or hooked bills (Eutoxeres). Ara TupÃ− (Brazilian) Indian word ara, a component of various bird names such as ararauna, a macaw, aratica, a hummingbird, and araracanga, a parrot. arabs L. /L. Arabia). aracari TupÃ− (Brazilian) Indian name arasari for a small toucan (Portuguese spelling araçari). Arachnothera Gr. arakhnes, a spider; -thera, a hunter (therao, to hunt, to seek); from a supposed favourite food of the Indomalayan spiderhunters.

41 42 ardens L. ardens, glowing, burning (ardere, to burn). Ardeola L. ardeola or ardiola, a little heron (dim. of ardea). Ardeotis Genus Ardea, heron; genus Otis, bustard. ardesiaca /ardesiacus Mod. L. ardesiacus, slate-coloured (French ardoise, slate-coloured, blue-grey). ardosiaceus Mod. L. ardosiacus, lead-coloured (cf. French ardoise, slate-coloured). Arenaria L. arenarius or harenarius, relating to sand (arena or harena, sand); ref. seashore habitat of the turnstones. arenarum L. arenarum or harenarum, of the sands (arena or harena, sand); ref.

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