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The e-book of Francis Grose's Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue revolutionized the lexicography of non-standard English. His impact is felt in lots of the dictionaries lined during this quantity which replica, variously, his conscientiously documented reliance on written assets, his overjoyed revelation of first-hand event of the seedier aspect of London lifestyles, and his word-list. in this interval, glossaries of cant are thrown into the color by means of dictionaries of slang, which come with the language of thieves, yet hide a much wider spectrum of non-standard English. whereas cant represented a pragmatic risk to estate and lifestyles, slang was once an ethical possibility to the very constitution of society. within the 1820s, Pierce Egan's existence in London established how well known and profitable slang literature can be one of the lots. This quantity additionally comprises the earliest Australian and American slang glossaries, by way of contributors like James Hardy Vaux (a convict transported thrice) and George Matsell (New York's first leader of police).

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7 per cent), he cites his source, with Shakespeare being most commonly cited: BILBOA, (cant) a sword. Bilboa in Spain was once famous for well tempered blades: these are quoted by Falstaff, where he described the manner in which he lay in the buck basket. PICKT HATCH, to go to the manor of pickt hatch, a cant name for some part of the town noted for bawdy houses in Shakespeare’s time, and used by him in that sense. Shakespeare and Ben Jonson are cited many times for terms that are not labelled as cant, for example: COKES, the fool in the play or [sic] Bartholomew fair, and hence (perhaps) the word coxcomb.

25 This alone would have justified to Grose’s contemporaries the inclusion of American terms. He lists very few, however: CALIBOGUS, rum and spruce beer, an American beverage. STEWED QUAKER, burned rum with a piece of butter, an American remedy for a cold. YANKEY, OR YANKEY DOODLE, a booby or country lout, a name given to the New England men in North America. 26 They joined the African communities of the major slaving ports, including London, who had largely been imported as novelty servants. By the end of the eighteenth century, there was a fluctuating population of between 10,000 and 20,000 Black people in England and Wales, so Grose need not have travelled far to record Black English:27 BUMBO .

01). 01). Grose does not mention one of his written sources at all: Parker19 THESE are Journeymen Plumbers and Glaziers who repair houses, and Running Dustmen. To fly the Blue Pigeon is cutting off lead from what they call a Prayer Book up to a Bible: they wrap it round their body, and pass the most attentive eye without suspicion. 30) Classical Dictionary BLUE PIDGEON FLIERS, thieves who steal lead off houses and churches. (cant) CRAPPED, hanged, (cant). To cite an antiquarian source is to demonstrate one’s scholarship; to cite a more modern source reveals plagiarism.

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