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One of many amazing difficulties of the biologist, no matter if he be starting pupil or experts, is that of realizing technical phrases. how to comprehend and consider technical phrases is to appreciate first their part elements, or roots. This dictionary has been designed basically to fulfill the desires of the start pupil, the clinical scholar, and the taxonomist, however it might be of worth to all biologists.

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Oath: 誓言, 誓词, 宣誓. pledge: 誓言, 誓词, 保证. poison: 毒, 毒品, 毒药, 毒物, 毒害. seek: 追求, 谋取, 谋求, 寻求, 征求, 找. silent: 无声, 沉默的. sin: 罪恶, 罪行. speech: 演说, 言语, 报告. speechless: 说不出话来, 说不出话来的. thee: 你. touch: 触摸, 笔锋, 触, 联系, 碰, 接触. wilt: 枯萎. wounded: 受伤. 34 Hippolytus HIPPOLYTUS. % NURSE. O Son, what wilt thou? Wilt thou slay thy kin? HIPPOLYTUS. I own no kindred with the spawn of sin! ] NURSE. Nay, spare me! Man was born to err; oh, spare! HIPPOLYTUS. O God, why hast Thou made this gleaming snare, Woman, to dog us on the happy earth?

42 Hippolytus THESEUS Ye Gods! One of my children torn from me? LEADER. % THESEUS How sayst thou? What? My wife? Say how she died. LEADER. In a high death-knot that her own hands tied. THESEUS A fit of the old cold anguish? Tell me all-That held her? Or did some fresh thing befall? LEADER. We know no more. But now arrived we be, Theseus, to mourn for thy calamity. [THESEUS stays for a moment silent, and puts his hand on his brow. ] THESEUS What? And all garlanded I come to her With flowers, most evil-starred God's-messenger!

What joy hath her bridal brought her? Sure some spell upon either hand Flew with thee from the Cretan strand, Seeking Athena's tower divine; Chinese Simplified amber: 琥珀. amid: 在之中. ancient: 久远, 古老, 古代的, 古代. bird: 鸟. bridal: 婚礼. cavern: 大地洞, 大山洞. cloud: 云. drop: 落, 水滴, 衰退, 掉落, 降, 点子. garden: 花园. joy: 乐趣, 快乐, 高兴, 喜悦. joyous: 欢乐, 喜悦, 快乐的. mariner: 水手, 海员. quiet: 安静, 寂静, 安定, 安生, 沉静, 宁静的. red: 红, 红色, 红色的. sad: 悲伤, 哀愁, 不幸, 哀伤, 哀怨, 悲伤的, 悲哀的. scarce: 稀少的. singing: 歌咏, 歌唱. sisters: 姊妹, 姐妹. spell: 拼写, 咒语, 符咒.

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