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By Jonathan Dee

For readers of Jonathan Franzen and Richard Russo, Jonathan Dee’s novels are masterful works of literary fiction. during this sharply saw story of self-invention and public scandal, Dee increases a trenchant query: what can we actually need after we ask for forgiveness?
as soon as a privileged and loving couple, the Armsteads have now reached a verge of collapse. Ben, a accomplice in a prestigious legislation enterprise, has turn into unpredictable at paintings and withdrawn at home—a switch that weighs seriously on his spouse, Helen, and their preteen daughter, Sara. Then, in a single afternoon, Ben’s recklessness takes an alarming flip, and every thing the Armsteads have equipped jointly unravels, rapidly and spectacularly.
chase away into the operating international, Helen unearths a role in public family and relocates with Sara from their domestic in upstate long island to an residence in long island. There, Helen discovers she has an extraordinary present, vital on this planet of snapshot regulate: she will persuade smug males to confess their errors, spinning crises into moment percentages. but redemption is extra simply granted in her expert existence than in her own one.
As she is faced with the largest case of her occupation, the fallout from her marriage, and Sara’s more and more far away habit, Helen needs to face the boundaries of responsibility and her personal skill for forgiveness.

Praise for A Thousand Pardons
A Thousand Pardons is that infrequent factor: a real literary mystery. Eerily suspenseful and filled with dramatic occasion, it additionally deals a trenchant, hilarious portrait of our collective eager for authenticity in those overmediated times.”—Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize–winning writer of A stopover at from the Goon Squad
“A web page turner with out sacrificing a smidgen of mental perception. What a triumph.”—Kirkus experiences (starred review)
“Dee is adept at meshing the complexities of marriage and kin lifestyles with the paradoxes of the zeitgeist. In his 6th meticulously lathed and magnetizing novel, he riffs at the perform of difficulty administration [and] the absurdities of a society geared to speak in 1000 digital modes whereas these closest to one another can slightly make eye contact.”—Booklist
“[A] fast-moving, always wonderful tale . . . a sensible, witty examine the rites of apology in modern America.”—Shelf wisdom

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