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By Thomas Keneally

The proper concise biography of an American icon- now to be had in paperback for the bicentennial of his birth

The self -mad e guy from a log cabin, the good orator, the Emancipator, the Savior of the Union, the martyr-Lincoln's tale is on the very center of yankee historical past. yet who was once he, quite? during this remarkable biography, award-winning writer Thomas Keneally follows Lincoln from his impoverished beginning via his schooling and presidency. From the improvement of his political philosophy to his relatives existence and his activities throughout the Civil battle, Abraham Lincoln is an incisive examine of a turning element in our historical past and a revealing portrait of a pivotal figure.

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No, he could not come in. William Smith, beaten down yet again, but now determined not to suffer the indignity of confrontation, turned away. There was a particularly cruel and desperate irony in this situation. On the following morning, the Wednesday, the same John Cary at whose offices Smith might well have chosen to call, was due to publish in book form the second part of a formidable new collection of geological maps, the latest volume of what was coming to be recognized as one of the most profoundly important books ever made.

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